Remote analysis

Remote analysis

All HPL products are connected to our central server. Each HPL module is equipped with a computer and sensors on board that send data relating to operating cycles, climatic parameters and those relating to energy and photosynthetic efficiency to our server. All data collected can be consulted at any time via the internet. It is also possible to monitor the status of the various modules in real time, to command and program the switching on and off.
The system also provides a function which, based on the climatic conditions and the operating parameters, suggests the most appropriate working cycles and compares them with real data.
In addition, the "Economy" function present on all the light therapy modules allows you to save energy and save on operating costs.

To connect the modules to our HPL server you need the "connection box". In fact, it allows to establish a two-way communication with the HPL modules and with the equipment installed in the field, such as the pitchcam for 24/7 live monitoring.
  • Access anywhere, thru website reserved area
  • Multiple user login
  • Real time monitoring for ground and air humidity and temperature
  • Working cycles control
  • Real time monitoring Light level
  • Operation control / Economy-mode activation control


Connections report

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