HPL 60R compactable

The HPL60R module is indicated where storage and handling spaces are very limited. It has reclosable hinged "wings" and an electric lifting system that allows to minimize the size of the storage machine. Each module consists of two rows of lamps (each with 12 phytostimulating bulbs), interconnected with each other through a mechanical mechanism that maintains the correct distance and allows the module to be opened and closed. Compared to the previous modules, the new version has an on-board computer capable of monitoring and interacting with various climatic and light parameters.

Benefits of using the HPL 60R module:
  • Minimal storage space
  • Increase in grass growth parameters, strengthening of the root system
  • Treatment of more problematic localized surfaces
  • Raising the temperature of the turf
  • Monitoring of climatic parameters and operating cycles via the on-board computer
  • Saving energy with the Economy function
  • Remote parameter monitoring and operation control *