The HPL LED260 module is suitable for the treatment of large field surfaces. It is the first integrated and patented product with LED technology, with maximum efficiency and reduced energy consumption. It has LED chips with optimized light spectrum for grass growth, strengthening of the root system and the vegetative phase. The longer life of the LED compared to HPS technology also drastically reduces maintenance costs. It is also particularly suitable for stadiums where the average annual temperatures are higher and the warm season grass is installed.

The HPL LED260 module is also equipped with an on-board computer, which allows you to set up the machine, adjust operating times, view operating statistics. The module also has climatic sensors mounted on board, which monitor temperature, humidity and sunlight, creating reports and managing the operation of the machine.
Furthermore, through these sensors, the module can manage the "Economy" mode, which allows the operation to be divided according to climatic parameters and natural light and therefore to save energy.
All the parameters collected can be sent to our server through an optional accessory, called the "Connection-Box". Access to the reports can therefore be viewed by the customer through our internet portal, from which all climatic histories and operating cycles can also be viewed.

Technical features:
Grow light footprint 260mq
Light PAR 316uMol
Type and number of lamps LED
Folded machine dimensions 12.5 x 2.2 x 2.35 mt
Unfolded machine dimensions 12.5 x 2.2 x 17.5 mt
Power consumption 33.8 KW/h

Benefits of using the HPL LED260 module:
  • Reduction of energy costs up to 40%
  • Optimized light spectrum
  • Drastic reduction in maintenance costs
  • Increase in grass growth parameters, strengthening of the root system
  • Particularly indicated for higher temperature sites and warm season grass installations
  • Large surface treatment
  • Monitoring of climatic parameters and operating cycles via the on-board computer
  • Saving energy with the Economy function
  • Remote parameter monitoring and operation control *

* requires Connection-BOX