Who we are

Our company is composed by an italian team, which operate from long time in the lighting industry. Since several years we have used the experience and expertise of qualified and experienced people in the lighting applied in the photosynthesis to develop machines capable of emitting a beam of homogeneous light that increases the parameters of grass growth, reinvigorate the root system and increase the heating surface. We called these machines HPL Modules.

What are HPL modules for stadium grow light
An innovative system of artificial lighting, designed to improve the growth of natural and mixed-synthetic grass in football stadiums and playgrounds in general. They are very light and moveable machines, designed and made entirely in Italy, equipped with 1000W HPS lamps or LED, capable of emitting a homogeneous light with spectrum between 400 and 700nm,which is useful to improve the natural photosynthesis process of the turf and maintain constant vital values, in particular for periods of low sunlight irradiance (late winter, autumn, early spring). The system also provides a turf heating that favors the melting of snow (up to5cm) and ice during the coldest periods.
The structures were designed to combine a good dimensional stability and resistance to weathering with high lightness, which facilitates the handling on and off the field and greatly decrease the footprint. These high quality mechanical and technological properties distinguish HPL from competitors for ease of use and light and shadow values. It were detected, in fact, above average growth values, with µMol emissions per square meter per second up to 400 and a uniform and optimal ground coverage.

What are the advantages of buying HPL modules?
  • Improvement and maintenance of turf even in the toughest conditions
  • Easy positioning, use and storage
  • Entirely made in Italy with high quality and efficiency standards
  • The most competitive system on the market
  • Fast and reliable technical support

Service and maintenance
HPL modules are guaranteed for one year, with immediate replacement of the faulty components with regard to:
  • Mechanical defects.
  • Philips Bulbs.
  • Power supplies and electrical failures in general.

Furthermore, for the first year there is a free service
of maintenance and technical inspection of the machines.
The maintenance contract also provides the replacement of the bulbs after 10,000 hours of use.

HPL brand owned by Datatronix Srl. The first Italian company to have developed a new system of artificial lighting plant aid, which supports the growth of grass and its maintenance in the fields of natural from synthetic or mixed.