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HPL cooling system CS101

HPL cooling system CS101
Sistema di vaporizzazione ad acqua con pistola a doppia corona, controllo PLC per regolazioni automatiche, flusso e movimento e vaporizzazione. Il modulo HPL V-102 è molto utile per il movimento dell'aria e l'abbassamento delle temperature ambientali e del suolo. È installato su un carrello con 3 ruote in gomma, facile da spostare, con timone e stabilizzatori a vite. Inoltre è dotato di un alloggiamento per forche per movimento anche con carrello elevatore e / o telescopico.
Max. Range 50 mt
Water consumption From min. 8lt / min> 30 lt./min
Nozzle crown: 60 Monarch self-cleaning nozzles (can be excluded in groups of 20 + 20 + 20) mounted on a die-cast aluminum crown heated by an electric resistance
Gocciolometria: 20> 200VMD
Turbine rotation: automatic 340 ° fifth wheel with servomotor
Aline turbine: automatic from -20 ° + 50 ° with servomotor
Turbine fan: 9-bladed fan in die-cast aluminum, diam. 660mm, 5Kw / 1500 rpm motor.
Total installed power: 6.5 KW
Supply: 400V 50Hz
Degree of protection in accordance with IP55 on all parts sensitive to water and humidity
Airflow turbine 9300 m3 / h
Noise 93lwa = 76db at 10 mt.
Radio control remote control 12 channels with control unit and battery charger
Bearing structure tubular and box-shaped of electro-welded and hot-galvanized steel
Accessories led beacon for night use and safety flashing
Max covered area 4500mt2 approx
Pump Self-priming high pressure 50 bar electric piston pump adjustable up to 100 bar.
Hydraulic connection 1.5 "in. VR UNI45, Camlock
Inlet water filter Stainless steel filter cartridge L500mmX80mm diam Triple inspectable stainless steel micro-retina filter.
Degree of filtration 180um
Safeties Automatic system emptying at the end of the cycle with a function that can be manually excluded.
Type of water Automatic machine stop in the absence of water.
EU standards industrial, well, VVF ring, purifier, aqueduct, rainwater collection
warranty CE marking with EU standard declaration of conformity
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